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everyone i know is here right now on this sphere.

dispassionate and kind.
soon, i want to get away and see some other places on this earth.  why am i keeping myself here, in this small island town for so long when i need not?
i want to see some other forests and foliage., and mountains and thunder storms of a place with a higher altitude.
of course i want to see a desert, and banyan trees and red dirt.  canyons and craters. 
some estuaries and some empty beaches with overcast sky and little tiny sand bars just off shore for me to walk upon.
im not interested in sun and swimming, or huge cold antique cities, though i respect them.  i dont have the same passion for it everyone else seems to.
clouds and sand dunes are really what breaks my heart.  ruins and distances. 

i need to get to the indian subcontinent, islands in the mediterranean, northern africa and the nile, not just for the human culture and temples, but for the earth itself.
yes, of course i have romanticized everything, but life would be doomed without that.
so, i will.
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