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its like theres a grain of sand in a sensitive spot and nothing will make me numb. and i cant ignore it. itch itch...
and its like there's decade(s) old cultural references flying around me and i dont understand any of them.

and then its like, finally i have some normal pictures of us together!!:

yesterday i met a cousin of mine from the ukrainian side of my family, whom i havent seen since i was 7. that side of my lineage has always been a mystery to me since i dont really communicate with my father, so it was interesting to hear some history. i thought i was pure 50% ukrainian, but no; my grandmother's grandmother was east indian. and then also theres some turkish and italian from them too. but woah, India genetics. so maybe thats why ive always been so into it. my grandparents were taken by the germans from the ukraine when they were 14 and 16 and she was made to work in a coka cola bottling plant in the day and then at the hitler youth training camp in the night, and he was put in a concentration camp and then got together with 10 other boys and escaped. then they met in an apple orchard in the ukrainian refugee camp, munich. then they moved to montreal, had kids, moved to miami, then toronto, then vancouver. roughly, dont quote any of this.

and, oh-hohowaoh. god. ive listened to this same song 40 times already!
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