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the ganges and the nile.

for easter, my ukrainian family had a struggle about who got me and my brother.  one group was here, in victoria, and one was in vancouver.  we went to vancouver and went to a greek byzantine orthodox church, or something like that.  everything that was spoken was in ukrainian, so did i get anything from that?  maybe.  i liked looking at the icons of divine humans.  they were all so obviously modified egyptians, like isis.  so, i prayed to her the entire time.
in eighteen days i will be at thirty thousand feet flying in the same direction as the setting sun.  to singapore! 
then i am meeting my uncle in delhi, and the very next day we catch another flight to varanasi, one of the most ancient, holiest and filthy cities on earth.  we will drift down the ganges at dawn.
then on and around in india some more,
then on to nepal where i will meet bushi, and we will do some missions together..  tea house treks in the mountains, visiting all the stupas everywhere, going to lumbini, birthplace of buddha, languishing in the haze and friendly chaos of kathmandu, observing some elephants and tigers and birds in the malaria jungles.
then on june 12 i fly from kathmandu to cairo.  i will explore that city alone for 3 nights, possibly going to cafes and the american university..  then i join a tour that takes me through the entire length of the country, stopping at all the amazing temples and tombs.  i am looking forward most to seeing abydos, the ancient sacred pilgrimage site of the old religion..  the tomb of osiris.  or at least his head.  the resting place of my dear omm sety.
and also, Abu Simbel!! 
i will cruise down the nile on a private boat, and go to the red sea, then back to cairo.
i should be home sometime in july.  but if i have the spirit and money left in me, of course theres the whole world still left for me to get to.  i would like to see the ancient buddhist mystery "borobudur" in java.., and of course i would love to go to the My Bloody Valentine concert in paris in july.  we'll see.  i could be dead by then, or something.
its kind of like bragging to write all this down.  kind of.  but i have been waiting and hoping and saving and putting all the positive visualizations my blood could come up with into this for 5 years. 
it can be awkward talking about it, to anyone.  it makes me feel like i have a secret magic in my future, and its glaring.
im trying to be responsible as i can about everything.  i know im a tourist.
i expect hard times, confusion, chaos, homesickness, culture shock... spending at least one full night alone in an uncomfortable chair in the airport of the island kingdom of bahrain.  maybe some loneliness, isolation, lots of reading, illness, hunger.
but, its what it takes, and im eager to give it.

oh, woah, watching the hail storm outside is more satisfying than sex.
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