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a future shoreline.

i know i'm not the only one who feels like this in this city.         is it this place or is it me?

then what?  stuck, turning 22.

yesterday this vitamin-e slathered little man came up to me at work and spoke at me for about half an hour solidly about how exactly the world was going to fail.  it started with him telling me he needed a phone because every person in his family had cancer, then somehow he got onto the topic of hail up to bus windows and indonesian islands disappearing into the rising ocean and tectonic plates fucking things up in the deep ocean and jet streams coming down out of the sky at over 200 miles an hour to destroy things spontaneously.  i was like "oh, so-" but couldn't get a word in.  he was raging with it.
so if hes right, which he obviously is judging by his bug eyes and greased nose and worn out cap (was he an alien prophet?), i dont need to worry about anything after 2020 because were doomed and my current front door should be right on the shoreline.
the last piece of advice tossed into the dazed hollow of my mind was that if i travel "get a phone with fuckin GPS, cuz you never know when you'll need it."  does that makse sense though?  anyways, he made me scared about going to the other side of the earth in a few months.
basically/////  i dont know.
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