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i am here.

my landlord found out that we have a cat staying in this house.  $600 damage deposit for that shit.  and he did shit on the floor today, too.  which he never has done since we moved in.
he whines all day, snores at night, has fleas that get in my bed and bite my scalp.  hes pretty old.  grumpy and damn beaten.  you can feel his spine when you touch his back.  he belonged to kent, but kent couldnt take him to vancouver, and im better with him, so i took responsibility.  its just weird that as soon as kent leaves he costs me $600.
but anyways, my landlord was telling me a bit about this house while he was here.  when he bought it in i think the late 90's there was a witch living upstairs (my suite), a medieval couple living downstairs, and heroin addicts in the basement.  the witch had shrines everywhere, built into the walls, which were stained with smoke and mouldy.  he mentioned she specifically had shrines dedicated to george clooney. 
the medieval couple and the witch had plans to turn the house into an official pagan church..  with the upstairs being the holy worship area and the downstairs something else.. 
then he asked me what kind of weird things i had noticed since ive been living here.. as if he was fully expecting me to have had encounters with things.
he said that a few other tenants who have lived here over the years have reported hearing doors and cupboards open and close, hearing voices, seeing things...and especially hearing things coming from the attic..
the attic has always scared me a bit because its big, it covers the whole house, and theres a window up there.  its not a finished attic though, as far as i know.. but still its just creepy to think of the sad winter light beeming in there day after day..hitting the same spots and then turning into the same yellow streetlight puddles at night. 
i have heard things up there...almost every night in the winter i hear thumps and scruffles...but im pretty sure thats just racoons.  ive seen them climb the trees outside my window, and maybe they get in through a chimney or something? ( i hope.. )
its definitely too big to be rats...
the rest of the house feels totally neutral to me.  especially my room.  im not scared.
the only room that does scare me is kents old room.  he never slept in it, it was more of a study..  i think, the whole time we lived here, we spent one night in there...and i couldnt sleep at all because i was scared and kept hearing things and noticing light and shadows.  but thats just because i have an imagination and think about ghosts when i have insomnia.  ^.^
its a 3 bedroom place, but there has always been at least one spare room the entire time weve lived here.  so maybe thats the spirit's room.
we'll see what happens when we get a new roommate who moves in there, hehe.

anyways, it was fascinating to find out this place had such weird history.

i moved in here with kyle and kent.  now im the only one left.
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