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stick to the shade.
i always stand in the shadows cast by skeletal poles and wires when im on the street, because its safer.
i feel like im a shape that doesnt fit into the shape its being forced to fit into. but ive felt that way since this life was something new. maybe it still is new and that feeling just shows how new it is. i tried being too many things, spread out and at the same time and for the future and i took my past and tried to make it so many different things but there really is nothing new about it ever. and im too distracted and dream.
school starts in about like next week kind of and that means summers over. what i have done with mine is make thousands of dollars and expanded my music tastes.

and i know what i want, more than i did, but its still sad and beyond a void.
oh ya, and i also discovered if i try really hard i can make the universe show me what i ask for. its true, you just have to turn off the "imagination" side of your brain and the "logical" side.
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