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oh, im so tired and slight.

i need to clean up the broken lightbulb in the closet.
i need to be inundated with media.
i have to repott my poor dying plant.
i need to go shopping.
sigh. i need to breathe and feel like i actually am.
i need to get out from this construction smell of burning tar.
the cats hair got everywhere.
i have to look up all the things i dont know that much about because im tired of being ignorant, and all the really cool people know all this stuff that i dont. if i want to talk competently then i have to take care of this problem and solve my own questions the only way i know how. wikipedia.
the dishes are days old. its a good thing i dont have roommates now.
i have to read over all my old school notes from last semester.
on the 20th i will know what books to buy, and then i will need some time to be sad about how much money im losing to god knows what. my future cannot possibly be worth that much from poor old me at 21. crie. fat white pigs.
so where should i start? stop writing in this journal and sip some cool water? i thought i would choose something like that. not actually productive, just, lazily trying to nurse my......... .. . .....self... .. .
ok. time to fold up that mound of clothes from the past week.
there's dust and crumbs everywhere.
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